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VPS 100 - 1024MB RAM
20GB Disk Storage
200GB Bandwidth

VPS 150 - 2GB RAM
30GB Disk Storage
300GB Bandwidth

VPS 200 - 3GB RAM
35GB Disk Storage
400GB Bandwidth

VPS 300 - 4GB RAM
50GB Disk Storage
600GB Bandwidth

VPS 400 - 5GB RAM
70GB Disk Storage
800GB Bandwidth

VPS 700 - 6GB RAM
90GB Disk Storage
950GB Bandwidth

VPS 1000 - 8GB
110GB Disk Storage
1200GB Bandwidth

VPS 2000 - 10GB RAM
150GB Disk Storage
1600GB Bandwidth

VPS 3000 - 12GB RAM
200GB Disk Storage
2100GB Bandwidth

VPS 4000 - 16GB RAM
400GB Disk Storage
2400GB Bandwidth

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