How to enable FTP access to my VPS? Print

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We recommend our customers to use SCP/SFTP when they need to transfer files from/to their VPS accounts. But sometimes it is necessary to allow certain users to have FTP access.

You need to install the FTP server. You can do this with the following commands:

(instructions valid for Cent OS based VPS)

Install DAG RPM repository if not installed already:

$ rpm -Uhv

Install proftpd:

$ yum install proftpd

$ service proftpd start

$ chkconfig proftpd on


These commands will install the software, start the server and make sure the server is started at boot time.

Once this is complete, your VPS users will have FTP access without any additional configurations required.

If you need to make configuration changes to the FTP server, the configuration file is located in /etc/proftpd.conf

For more information about proftpd, visit their documentation section.

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