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Each hosting plan comes with a certain amount of total resources provided (i.e. Disk Space, Traffic, Databases, E-mail Accounts, etc.); that can be divided (as desired) among the number of supported web sites, for the selected plan. You can review the total resources provided by your hosting plan on our web site; or within your control panel.

To view or adjust resources on a domain (web site) by domain basis, in the generals section of the left nav, click the "Home" link, select the desired domain at the bottom of the page, and then click the "limits" icon on the resulting page. You will then be shown a page that has the limits as currently set for the selected domain. Adjust these limits as desired to give this specific domain the amount of Disk Space, Traffic, etc., that you wish for it to have; however please note that the total resources allocated to all web sites cannot exceed the total resources provided by your hosting plan.

How do I adjust it?

If a web site within your hosting plan exceeds a given resource allocation, then the system will give you a message with "Unable to accept the template: the following limitations are exceeded"; to let you know which domain has exceed a given resource limit within your subscription.

You will need to adjust the resource allocation for the indicated domain (as detailed above), for the given resource that has been exceeded. If you do not have enough of the given resource available within your hosting plan to allocate more to the indicated domain, then you will either have to upgrade your hosting plan, purchase more of that resources (as an add-on), or reduce the domain's usage of the resource ( i.e. deleting log files to decrease Disk Space usage).

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