Can I add more RAM to my VPS account? Print

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You can upgrade or downgrade your VPS at any time. To do so follow these steps:


You may add more disk space to your account. Disk space is sold in 10GB increments at 50cents per GB. To purchase more space log into the client area > click on "My Services" > click on the product you with to add disk space to > at the bottom of the page is a link to add an add-on "Click to view available addons".


1) Log into the client area:

2) Click on "My Services" on the top navigation bar and select the service by clicking on the  icon.

3) Scroll to the bottom of the services page and look for a button labeled "Upgrade/Downgrade Package". Click on it.

4) Select the desired package and the same billing cycle you are currently set to and click continue.

5) Upgrades will happen automatcally once your payment is received.



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