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ServerGrove offers state of the art spam protection however you can help make spam detection smarter. Our mail server will automatically move all junk email into your folder labeled spam. In case our system misses an email we recommend you manually move the email message into the spam folder. Our system will automatically scan the messages in the spam folders and “blacklist” them preventing them from sending you more junk in the future. The more messages you add to your spam folder, the better your spam protection will work.

Like any automatic spam protection system, some legitimate emails might get caught by our spam filters. We ask you to periodically check your spam folder for emails our filter might have caught erroneously. To prevent this from happening again we ask that you remove the email from the spam folder into your INBOX and leave it in your INBOX for 24 hours so our servers can remove it from the spam list. Messages older than a week left in the spam folder will be automatically deleted.

You can manage the SPAM settings of your account using the ServerGrove Control Panel.

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