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ServerGrove automatically places a default favicon in your httpdocs web directory for you to change to your own. To replace the favicon, simply generate a new favicon.ico icon and replace the one in the directory. To remove the favicon simply delete the favicon.ico file from your httpdocs directory.



Changing you favicon

To change your favicon simply create a new favicon and replace the default icon with your new one. There are several good tutorials online teaching how to create a unique favicon:

  • AntiFavicon - An online tool which creates text favicons in different colors. [Italian and English].
  • Collabyrinth - A free, online icon editor by Andy Deck for producing favicons in the windows ICO format. Requires Java.
  • DeGraeve: Favicon Editor - An online favicon editor by Steven DeGraeve, which also offers the option to generate a favicon from an uploaded PNG image.
  • Dynamic Drive: FavIcon Generator - An online tool to create a favorites icon for a Website. Capable of generating desktop icons as well.
  • FavIcon from Pics - Generates favicon images for browser address bars, favorites and tabs, from pictures, logos and other graphics.
  • Favicon Generator - A free online tool which creates a favicon.ico from an uploaded image.
  • - Online Java icon editor to create favicon.ico files that customize the marketing logo in favorites/bookmarks.
  • Graphics Guru: Favicon Generator - Free online tool that can create favicon (.ico) images.

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