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In order to transfer a domain from another hosting provider, you must follow these steps:

1) Go into your current provider and make sure the domain is unlocked and that it has been registered for more than 60 days. This is required in order to fully complete the transfer process.

2) Make sure your email address is listed in the domain owner or administrator contact details. This is necessary so you receive all email messages regarding the authorization of the transfer. If you are using a service to protect your identity, make sure you perform the necessary changes so your email address is listed. Once the transfer is complete, we can enable the identity protection from ServerGrove (additional charges apply).

3) Get the authorization or EPP Key from your current provider. Once you have the key, please send it to us, we will need this in order to start the transfer.

4) Place the domain transfer order using our order system or submit a ticket letting us know to start the transfer. Upon receiving your request we will initiate the process.

5) You will receive an email from us asking to confirm the transfer, which will be sent to the domain owner/administrative contact email. If you don't approve this stage, the transfer will not get started.

6) Follow your current provider instructions in order to approve and complete the transfer-out. This stage may take between just a few hours to a few days depending on the provider.

7) Once the transfer is complete, your domain will be administered by ServerGrove.

Since transfering a domain may take several days to complete, depending on the current provider policies, we recommend that you change the DNS configuration of your domain to use our name servers. This way, the domain will be pointed to ServerGrove while the transfer is taking place, so you do not have to wait until is finished.

Also, we recommend that you load your website and create all your email accounts on ServerGrove before initiating the transfer. This way, when the transfer is completed, the website and email accounts will be working instantly.

To check for domain prices registrations and renewals please go to this page.

Please contact support if you have any questions regarding this process.

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